Why We’re Here

We’re crafting products that only the most accomplished underwriters could possibly conceive of.

Placing new business should be a cinch, not a struggle.

Let’s face it. When you present an insurance program to your client, it’s usually not much different from what your competitors are showing them.

You need products that are compelling, valuable, and – this is the big one – different. We can help with that.

At risksmith, we’ve assembled an all-star team of artisan underwriters who craft custom insurance programs that set you apart from the herd. If you’re keen to compete on the highest possible echelon, we can build a product that puts you there.

Winning is tough when you can’t offer something unique.

But you know what? Winning is a lot easier when you’ve got something distinctive, superior, and underwritten by industry veterans.

Around here, we create products that tick boxes nobody else is ticking. That way, your clients can enjoy the advantages of handcrafted underwriting.

Classic underwriting culture. Innovative insurance programs.

Results are everything. That’s why we apply modern data science, machine learning, segmentation, and predictive analytics to the 400-year-old art of risk-taking.

We do it so our carrier partners can prosper – and so you can offer speciality products that speak for themselves.

At risksmith, we’re reviving the insurance marketplace with a craft-guild approach to underwriting.

How are we doing it? By identifying the industry’s most skillful, seasoned underwriters, bringing them into our circle, and applying them to the toughest insurance challenges.

We’re here to help you win, but that’s not the only reason we exist. We’re on a mission to elevate the art of risk-taking by empowering the risk-takers.

Let’s talk about exclusive insurance products that help you place more business.
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